Call of the Wild Book Club

Monday 28th February 2022


I have been enjoying Call of the Wild by Kimberly Ann Johnson and felt inspired to offer a book club to explore the content and embodiment exercises laid out in the book.



If you are not familiar with the book, this is what the author shares about it:

“Call of the Wild: How We Heal Trauma, Awaken Our Own Power, and Use it for Good is a call to embrace the vitality, sexuality, and fundamental wildness built into your body. Grounded equally in science and empathy, with a commitment to centering the feminine that makes it the first of its kind in the field, it’s written to give you both the paradigm shift and the practices you need to heal, awaken your power, and live your most embodied life.”



I will hold space for sharing and exploring the content of each chapter and offer the embodiment exercises in the book so you can be guided and relax into the experience and embody the learning to weave into your life. Over the years I have acquired many embodiment process in my tool box and will be happy to share additional processes that are relevant to each chapter, within the time we have.



I have been immersing in, studying and teaching various forms of Feminine Embodiment for around 9 years. In the last couple of years, I began training in Sacred Female Psychotherapy Coaching with Devashi shakti. I have deeply loved learning about the nervous system and have found it to be profoundly healing and the key to deep healing.



Gathering together with a group of women to share and explore this content will be nourishing and insightful. No experience is necessary, apart from reading the relevant chapter of the book before each meeting.


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Monday 28th Feb at 10am continuing on each consecutive Monday to the 25th April.

Time is Brisbane Australia time zone. 9 meetings that will run for 1.5 – 2hrs depending on how many attend.


  • Monday 28th Feb 10am. Meeting 1 – Chapter 1 : A Real-World Understanding of the Nervous System. 


  • Monday 7th March 10am. Meeting 2 – Chapter 2 : The Wisdom of the Animal Body.


  • Monday 14th March 10am. Meeting 3 – Chapter 3 : Make Sense of Your Brain-Body Connection.


  • Monday 21st March 10am. Meeting 4 – Chapter 4 : Learn How to Feel Good.


  • Monday 28th March 10am. Meeting 5 – Chapter 5 : Understand the Predator-Prey Dynamic.


  • Monday 4th April 10am. Meeting 6 –  Chapter 6 : Activate Your Inner Predator.


  • Monday 11th April 10am. Meeting 7 –  Chapter 7 : Marking Your Territory: Defining Limits and Boundaries


  • Monday 18th April 10am. Meeting 8 – Chapter 8 : Attachment and Relationships: How We Bond.


  • Monday 25th April 10am. Meeting 9 – Chapter 9 : More freedom in Sex.





$157 for 9 meetings online


Meetings will be recorded and no refunds are available after purchase.



You can order the book through Book Depository which has free postage. You may also find it in local bookstores in store or online. It is also available on kindle and audible.

Call of the Wild : Kimberly Ann Johnson : 9780062970909 (


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