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Hawaiian Massage

Holistic Pelvic Care TM


Womb & Fertility Massage Therapy

Guided Womb Healing Journeys

Restorative Womb Awakening Body Practices

Dragon Shakti Breathwork

Feminine Embodiment Workshops

Womb Circles

Facilitator Training Retreats for  Womb Awakening

Practitioner training in Womb & Fertility Massage Therapy


~ Upcoming Events ~

Womb & Fertility Massage Therapy Practitioner Training

Brisbane, Kelvingrove ~ July 22nd – 25th 

This beautiful bodywork is a wonderful way to deeply honour and nourish Women. There are many physical benefits of this modality (click hear to read more) and this is also a deep honouring of Women and sacred gift for your female clients. If you love to honour the sacred feminine in your self and in others you will love this modality to add too (or begin) what you are currently offering in your practice.

Photo Credit: Chanel Baran https://chanelbaran.com/
Music Credit: Anjali Bhakti Mantras by Linda Go http://lindagomusic.com/

Read more and register here.


~Moon Circle~

Sunday February 9th 5:45pm – 8:45pm

You are invited to come and celebrate your body wisdom and the full moon in February.

Immerse in ancient Feminine ways of honouring your own powerful essence through divine feminine chanting and a guided journey within.

Experience a beautiful and devotional feminine embodiment practice.

Space for sharing and snacks to finish.

Lets gather in our white clothes to celebrate the magical healing rays of the full moon.

Sunday 9th @ Dragonfly Zen
5:45pm – 8:45pm
$45  https://www.paypal.me/WaysofTheWildWomb/45

Follow this link to connect to the face book event:



For all inquires contact: jacqui@waysofthewildwomb.com