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~ Upcoming Events ~


Womb & Fertility Massage Therapy Practitioner Training.

Brisbane, Newmarket @ Soul Space ~ May 8th – 11th 

This beautiful bodywork is a wonderful way to deeply honor and nourish Women. There are many physical benefits of this modality (click hear to read more) and this is also a deep honoring of Women and sacred gift for your female clients. If you love to honor the sacred feminine in your self and in others you will love this modality to add too (or begin) what you are currently offering in your practice.

Read more and register here.

~ The Deepening Series ~

A new body of work is being explored and created in The Deepening Series which is currently being offered in Cairns every 2 weeks to a small group of women.
Here we explore and enhance inner connection, with body, earth, spirit, and incorporate Ceremonial Cacao to turn up the dial of inner connection and magic. We will be working with deep listening, journaling, body connection through self-touch, movement, dance, symbolism, authentic connection, breathwork and sharing over 6 sessions.
My aim is to hold space and guide an inner adventure for women to access their own body wisdom and to utilise the connection and intimacy of the group to enhance this field of connection within and with each other through the potency of women gathering.

Past Popular Workshops

Heart Womb Breathing With Ceremonial Cacao

Cairns & Brisbane

You are invited to this Heart and Womb activating workshop, uniting your love and power, healing and uniting your love and sexuality. This practice has an incredible vibrational impact and helps to enhance the birthing of your beautiful creations on the planet. We will also incorporate some ceremonial cacao into our journey for its heart activating properties and a sprinkle of magic..

For all inquires contact: jacqui@waysofthewildwomb.com