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Womb & Fertility Massage Therapy Practitioner Training 2024/25

Cairns @ HMB Collective ~ September 5th – 8th 2024

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New Zealand, February 20th – 23rd 2025

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This beautiful bodywork is a wonderful way to deeply honour and nourish Women. There are many physical benefits of this modality (click hear to read more) and this is also a deep honouring of Women and sacred gift for your female clients. If you love to celebrate the sacred feminine in yourself and in others, you will love this modality to add too (or begin) what you are currently offering in your practice.


What women are saying about the training:

“Completing the Womb and Fertility Massage Course with Jacqui was so much more than I even anticipated. The beautiful morning meditation rituals were so electric and continued to work their magic even weeks after completing the 5-day course. Jacqui’s mentoring and guidance during the course was entwined with so much women’s wisdom and it was beautiful to watch Jacqui practice bodywork with both professionalism and grace.

I always felt supported and nurtured under her guidance as a new student of bodywork. I loved Jacqui’s sense of humor which was contagious and allowed for the group to relax and bond deeply with one another. I highly recommend Jacqui’s womb course and I would fly to QLD again for her teachings, she is a very experienced and wise woman. “

Danielle Ornelas, Womb & Fertility Massage Therapist.


Luxurious Kahuna Massage Cairns

Kahuna massage is a luxurious and soulful form of bodywork that delivers a heartfelt touch. This bodywork has a strong remedial focus incorporating Deep Relaxation and or Deep tissue.

What people are saying about this:

“A soul perfectly aligned to the healing arts, experiencing a massage from Jacqui is to give your body and soul a deep refreshment. I am deeply grateful for the wonderful gift given to her to embody and share with us all.”
Mechel Pearson Healer and massage therapist.

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Heart Womb Breathing with Ceremonial Cacao or Rose Petal Tea

Sunday Oct 15th 4pm-7pm $45

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Sensual Embodied Dance

Sensual embodied Dance Workshops held monthly.

Sunday July TBA 4pm-7pm $45

@ HMB Collective in Cairns City

Come along for an evening of sensuality, fun and connection.
Sensual Embodied dance is a methodology for women to claim and enhance their natural sensual expression, to move in, and expand this energy through their being. This offering will benefit women of all ages, shapes and sizes wanting to explore and express their own sensual aliveness and deepen connection within.
Through this workshop we will move through 6 stages:
  • Drop in with a fluid warm up
  • Devotional Erotic Dance Sequence
  • Group Embodiment Practice
  • Relational Practice
  • Being Danced
  • Integration Process
This will be a safe space to explore your own sensual and spontaneous movement. There is no pressure to do or be anything just an invitation to come and play in your own field of aliveness.
A well of pleasure and radiance resides in every single person, even if their mind is too busy to notice and their body too tense to feel. Using embodied dance and movement practices that are designed specifically to unwind tension patterns in the body, generate flow and awaken the senses, this methodology invites women to experience a profound, often life-changing, connection to themselves and their body.”
Holly Wodetzki


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