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Hawaiian massage / Kahuna Bodywork

Kahuna massage is a luxurious and soulful form of bodywork that delivers a heartfelt touch. This bodywork has a strong remedial focus incorporating Deep Relaxation and or Deep tissue.

The Kahuna massage style incorporates long flowing strokes over the body. Practitioners use their hands, elbows and forearms as they glide around the table whilst using the sacred Hawaiian dance and footsteps learnt during training to give a deeply soothing massage with rhythm and flow in the movements.

It is shamanic bodywork and helps heal and clear the emotional, mental and physical bodies and can include sound healing through toning and guiding the client to journey deeply within through the practitioner’s rhythmic breathing.

Kahuna massage is luxurious and soulful, delivering a heartfelt touch with innocence and love. It can be firm and with strong pressure if that is what is desired and needed by the client.

All massages have a strong remedial focus and are tailor made to suit your individual needs.

Kahuna Massage Session can be booked for 2hr, 1.5hr & 1hr sessions.

What people are saying about this:

“A soul perfectly aligned to the healing arts, experiencing a massage from Jacqui is to give your body and soul a deep refreshment. I am deeply grateful for the wonderful gift given to her to embody and share with us all.”

Mechel Pearson Healer and massage therapist.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is a luxurious and wonderful way to nurture Mum and baby during gestation, increasing endorphins and amplifying love. Relieving tension, aches and pains in Mum. This treatment is done side-lying with a big comfortable pregnancy sleep pillow to throw your arm and leg over. I work up one side of the body then get you to roll over and I work up the other side getting into all the tired aching muscles and delivering deep relaxation.

Polynesian Floor Work

This modality is done fully clothed on a floor matt and delivers gentle yet deep stretches all over the body and is comparable to having your yoga done for you. This is especially good if you have tight hips and legs. This session takes about 30min and is a great addon to have before a Hawaiian Massage.

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Jacqui has been a bodyworker for 23 years and is trained in Kahuna Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Womb & Fertility Massage, Holistic Pelvic Care TM, Reiki & Moving Medicines, a quantum field energy work. She began as a child swapping massages with her mum and always had a flare for healing touch.  Jacqui began her Kahuna massage training in 1999 at Mette’s Institute on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, training in Heart Works Lomi Lomi and Kahuna massage completing levels 1 – 6. You can find out more about this training at

Photos by Chanel Baran